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HAL KRUEGER: Press/Reviews

"When I first heard the rough mixes of the Hal Krueger CD I was immediately taken by the musical honesty of this artist. In this world of prefab acts and manufactured emotion it was refreshing to hear the genuine article. I called him right away and told him that I thought "I FOUND YOU" was a smash and that I couldn't wait to hear the final product. When it came through the mail I was not disappointed. Every cut has something to recommend it, especially "I FOUND YOU", "DO IT YOURSELF THING", "CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE GONE" and "HOPE THERE IS A HEAVEN. I'm sure when this CD gets in the right hands the world will hear what I hear in this talented rootsy artist. By the way, kudos to my old pal Dave Uhrich for an ace co-production job. Keep rocking!
Jim Peterik - Ides of March, Survivor
"I really like your music, best of luck"!
Big John Howell - US99 WUSN FM, Chicago